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The ‘Duh’ Factor


When talking about the User Experience, I always relate back to my personal philosophy I’ve dubbed the “Duh Factor”. The objective of any website no matter the scale is to provide the User with what they’re looking for, as easily as possible. This can include the following:
Clear Desired User Action
I am always amazed at how often I see website not utilizing simple html that allows for a user to press a button on their phone for instant action. Ease of getting ahold of you, should always be as easy as possible on the User.
Services Clearly Displayed
An objective for any company offering a service or a sale of a product, should clearly display an overview on their homepage. Links within a navigation do not always lend themselves for a thorough user understanding because on a phone or a tablet, navigation is much less prominent with the ‘hamburger’ menu.
Phone Number & Address Prominently Displayed
This is a less relevant point, if a call or a visit is not the number one desired user action. However, if you have a storefront or a call to schedule action desired, this should be prominently displayed throughout your website.
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