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DK Designs

This website was built for a spirited and talented interior decorator, Dee Kline. Her approach is unique, presenting herself as an interior design coach to help people find their aesthetic voice and create a home they are proud of. This website features a portfolio, blog, custom services page, and Instagram feed. In addition, we created her branding for the DK Designs logo as well as supplemental graphics for her messaging. We took photos of her interior design project and modified her existing photos to create a comprehensive and compelling portfolio. BONUS: DK Designs now ranks #1 for Interior Decorator in Boise & Interior Design Coach in Boise!!!

What the Client Said

I hired Jennie, owner of Idaho Websites, to create my logo and website for so many wonderful reasons, yet the key reason is simple... She understood me, my business and my vision. She dug deep into my history, my stories, to truly learn everything. From there she nailed my vision into my logo that I was brought to tears of joy. She captured my essence. Jennie listened to thoughts & goals and translated that into my website design and layout. She has stayed in contact in the months since launching my site. I look at Jennie as a business partner and someone I will use again and again, as my life and business changes & evolves.
― Deanna Kline, DK Designs


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