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This company was founded with one mission in mind, to create beautiful and high functioning websites at an affordable price. We love this community and love working with small business owners. We make it our mission to not only understand your business but also understand your customers. This allows us to create the most effective online solution.

We call ourselves a boutique design because we specialize in making a very tailored and well thought out marketing plan for your digital and printed efforts. Our websites are all built with proven strategies to make them effective at conversion. We pride ourselves on creating all of your designs in house and every project is original and unique.

Located on Boise's Bench. We understand the community.

Meet our Creative Director & Owner

Jennie J. DeBusk

Jennie J. has been working in Boise’s creative sector for over 15 years and building websites for 10 years. After graduating from Boise State University with a BFA in Graphic Design, she has worked in many many studios and agency settings where she developed a technique to build highly effective websites.

Jennie started this company to help small businesses grow their brand and that is her mission. In addition to web design, she is highly trained in HTML, CSS, SCSS, graphic design, illustrations, technical drawings, and photography. In her free time, she enjoys creating murals. Perhaps you’ve even seen one of them in Freak Alley or at Mountain Home’s Community Canvas. Jennie and her colleagues work closely together leaning on each other’s strengths. Have a unique need or request? Let us know, we might just have the perfect person for the job.

Client Testimonials & Reviews

Jennie has worked for me in a variety of capacities, from production to product management to website design and maintenance. The website she built has withstood the many changes in the industry and still proves efficient, effective and beautifully relevant after 4 years! Jennie’s hands on experience as an artisan and business manager gives her a unique perspective and talent when creating digital platforms.Meredith ClarkChandi Lighting - Boise, ID
I’ve worked with Jennie for over 5 years with the Boise Guest House website and other marketing projects as a Realtor. She is a talented designer, artist and builds beautiful websites that are flawless in function as well. Jennie has helped implement an email marketing campaign that compliments the website. Her knowledge of design and websites is superb and her customer service is great!Eve-Marie BergrenEve-Marie Bergren Homes
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